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Naima Alghorayed

Born in Tabuk, SaudiArabia

Lives & works in Riyadh



· Master of Educational Management and Planning

· Bachelor of English Language Literature

· High school from the UK

Diploma of Drawing from ICS in Canada



· High school teacher with 20 years of experience in education and training

· Active in spreading the culture of reading

· Director of the book club at AlRowad National Schools Riyadh City.

· Director of the book club at the Arab School of Coaching

· Founder of the Center for Self-Education at the World Assembly of Muslim Youth.

· A Coach   certified by the International Organization of Coaching ICF.

· Trained and influential speaker in self- development, planning and development




Member of the International Organization of (ICF)

· Member of the Sadda Consulting and Training Foundation

· Founding member and instructor in the Arab coaching School

· Member of the Saudi Society for Culture and Arts

· Member of the Saudi Association of Fine Arts.

· Member of Abundant Artist Group.

· Member of the Group of Oriental Colors Association of Artist Group from various Gulf countries

· Member of the group (Forum) under the chairmanship of the artist Saad Al-Obaid





· Establishment of a special center interested in spreading the culture of reading and self-education in the community.

· Managing many reading clubs in the city of Riyadh.

· The work of many educational research related to education, reading and self- development.

· Presenting many evenings at the site of the Arabic School of Coaching.

· Writing many articles on educational topics and self-development and publishing them in blogs.

· Establishment of a special blog for the art of art that translates and writes subjects related to artists and contributes to the awareness and understanding of modern art (the blog of Artist Naima al-Ghorayed)

· Presenting many workshops and courses in the field of Fine art.


Exhibitions I participated in:

1985-1989 · Several annual exhibitions in 1985-1989 in Britain

2001-2015 Joint exhibitions of the Ministry of Education 2001-2015

·2005-2011 Participation in the Yanbu Industrial Group Exhibitions in the Royal Commission 2005-2011

2014· Deco Art Gallery At Alfareeda art Gallery in Riyadh>

2015· Annual Horse Show in Khalidiya. Shared 2015

2016· Janadriya joint exhibition about horses 2016

2018· 8th Fine Art Exhibition in Sitek under the patronage of the Director of the University of Petroleum and Minerals Dr. Khalid Atalastan 2018

2018· Modern Art Exhibition in Jubail, 2018.


2018.Al - Multaqa Group Exhibition in Riyadh under the patronage of the Minister of Culture and Information in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the King Fahd Cultural Center 2018

2018.Exhibition of the Forum of Arab Artists in Opera House in the Arab Republic of Egypt

2018 group exhibition in Riyadh at the King Fahad cultural center.

2019 group exhibition ( forum group ) in Riyadh .

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