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Abstract art design format

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

  Abstract painting design formats 

1- Symmetrical balance format 

the focal area in the middle , sides similar , balanced but doesn't have to be the same balance in shadows ,values ,colors or arrangements of similar parts , don't bore the viewer with sameness.

2- Asymmetrical : no similar sides like in symmetrical but shapes values and colors are balanced arount the focal point.

3- L design : the focus and center of interest are on the L shape and around it 

4- Directional format : the majority of lines going in the same direction they maybe vertical diagonal or horizontal . dominance of lines with some variety.

5- Shapes within shapes or frames within frames: frames measurement are different , could be very simple or very complex as you like . 

6- The golden mean : grids could have different sizes and shapes integrating one another

7-The cruciform :more variety in this design than any other . the corners may be light dark or mid tone , try having each corner with a different size and shape .focal point is where the two bars cross break up the corners with line and shapes . 

8- T square format : starts with cruciform then the top is filled with  color , shapes or values, forming the letter T .

9- Opposing shapes : one very big opposite one smal ..The big could cross the page but the small shouldn't .

10- Overlapping shapes : the focal area should be within or around the biggest shape which contains the most interesting things . start with the big shape then start adding around and in shapes harmony and rythem smoothly running .

11- the O  or C design : all shapes and lines go aroun the sides of the O or C . leaving a resting area at the middle of the page . 

12 Diagonal design : this is considered to be a very strong design .. crosses the page diagonally resting the eye on one side focal point on the diagonal .

13. the H format : two bars and the connecting bar shouldn't be in the middle . focal area should be where the bars cross . 

14 The bridge form : page devided into three different parts that crosses the page left to right or diagonally , the middle part contains the focal point .

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